There’s nothing like throwing a classic colorful birthday surprise for your friends and family! If you have always been the friend who gets way too overly excited about birthdays, we just think it is such an incredible excuse to celebrate the people who mean the most to you! 

As long as you have the essentials you're good to go! 

Everything you need for the perfect birthday surprise:

Cake: We love cakes! They’re fun, and super easy to get at the last minute.

Cake toppers: The icing on the cake! Dress up a pretty little cake with a reusable topper to give your cake an extra touch of shimmer and shine.

Fun candles: blowing out candles never loses it's appeal, no matter how many birthdays pass you by! We recommend you use tons of these.

Balloons: Nothing says "birthday" quite like a host of beautiful balloons, whether they're tied up in a bunch or floating wild and free!

Number Balloons: Say it with Numbers! Keep these around to add lots of impact.

Party hats: What better way to celebrate another excellent year than with party hats which are sure to add that element of fun to a birthday surprise.

So dazzle up the big day with a fun birthday surprise! 

If you want to stock up ahead of time, don’t forget to check out the stash of supplies we keep in our Poptales- Birthday Surprise. Order it all from the comfort of the couch so you don't end up spending extra hours running errands.


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